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A few weeks ago, Fred Thompson exited the race for President. In the wake of that decision, the FredHeads and the members of DraftFredThompson.com engaged in a whole lot of soul-searching and vigorous discussion as to what to do next. Fred's candidacy may have come to an end, but our faith in the principles that originally drew us to Fred was as strong as ever.

The product of that soul-searching and vigorous discussion is Conservatives for the Advancement of the Reagan Coalition, a new organization formed to advance the key conservative principles articulated by men like Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson.

Of course, there are plenty of places on the 'net to discuss Reaganite principles. While we'll certainly continue to do that, we will at the same time be moving forward with our plan to pound the pavement and raise the funds to ELECT candidates who share our principles and DEFEAT candidates who don't. If you share our faith in those principles, and have an interest in working to get them put into practice, we invite you to. . .

My friends, Senator Fred Thompson's campaign for President is now over, but our work is far from complete. We encourage all FredHeads and other grassroots conservative activists to continue their critical efforts to bring the Republican Party back to its conservative roots.

To that end, the leadership and many members of DraftFredThompson, FredHeads, and volunteers for other conservative candidates have come together to form an alliance under the banner "The Reagan Coalition." The Reagan Coalition is a network of grassroots conservative activists formed to promote and defend the conservative principles articulated by Ronald Reagan.

The traditional Reagan Coalition is far from dead. Going forward, the Reagan Coalition will be working to influence state and local elections across the country to establish a solid foundation and a track record to show for it. This Coalition will involve grassroots ground troops working under a nationwide web network to share our challenges, lessons learned and successes.

If you share the goals of the Reagan Coalition, you are encouraged to JOIN HERE.
I'm not going to tell you that Fred's a shoo-in for the win in South Carolina. If you believe the pollsters, he's not. If you believe the pollsters, John McCain has the best numbers in South Carolina, with Huckabee in second.

The truth is, polls are often unreliable for predicting where one candidate will come out against another candidate on election day. Polls are fairly reliable, though, for determining which candidates are gaining support and which are losing support over time. By that measure, it's clear that Fred has solid upward momentum in South Carolina, while Huckabee has been dropping like a rock.

Fred's Rise:
Based on recent polls, it's clear that Fred is surging in South Carolina:
Zogby 1/15 : 12%
Zogby 1/16 : 14%

Rasmussen 1/06: 11%
Rasmussen 1/09: 12%
Rasmussen 1/13: 16%

PPP 1/13: 14%
PPP 1/17: 17%
With respect to the third poll, the polling outfit notes:
"Thompson, who has been campaigning heavily in the state, is the only candidate to fare better than he did in a South Carolina poll PPP conducted late last week."
In other words, there's one candidate in South Carolina with "BIG MO" (upward momentum) and his name is FRED THOMPSON.
Huckabee's Drop:
In the period from January 6 to January 13, Rasmussen shows Huckabee dropping from 28% to 19%. That is a huge drop in such a short time, and it shows that South Carolinians are finally finding out about Huckabee's abysmal record in Arkansas on taxes, spending and illegal immigration.
Rasmussen 1/06: 28%
Rasmussen 1/09: 24%
Rasmussen 1/13: 19%
In other words, Huck has his own momentum--but not the kind anyone wants.
The Bottom Line:

With 48 hours to zero hour, it's anybody's guess what is going to happen in South Carolina. As a very savvy friend of mine said recently, "never underestimate the BIG MO."


Sunday, we all arrived at Fred HQ at the crack of noon and started putting together packages of Fred love for the good people of South Carolina. From left-to-right: half of Mark (Texas), Lori Ann (Virginia), Tom (Ohio), Laura (Ohio) and Neil (Virginia).


Nicolee Ambrose (National Executive Director, Young Professionals for Fred) hits the pavement for Fred!


This is the last weekend before election day in South Carolina. A big group of Young Professionals for Fred has descended on the state to pitch in for Fred. Most of the group has already been in the state for a few days. The Texas group just got in on Friday night. We're all meeting up together at Fred HQ on Saturday morning to get our marching orders. Meanwhile, the Texas FredHeads are running a phone bank for Fred back in Dallas. It's crunch time, and we're ALL IN!!! Below the fold, more pics of our first night in Columbia.
I want to congratulate Fred Thompson on his recent second-place finish in the latest caucuses.

You may not be aware of Fred's second place finish, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Fred Thompson is now one of only two candidates in the race to finish in the top three in two states (Iowa and Wyoming).

Fred now sets his sights on South Carolina, and he needs our help. A win for Fred in South Carolina will require the ability to make the media buys to get his consistent conservative message out to the voters.

To that end, Randall asked that we get out the following message:
DraftFredThompson is doing a fund drive to fill up Fred's truck from 6:00 to 10:00 tonight:


If you have already given, thank you very much. But I have to ask, can you give another $5, $25 or $100 tonight? If you can just give $5 it is very much appreciated - it will get the Red Truck a few more miles down the road.

Fred is talking about South Carolina and beyond Super Tuesday. He has set his sights on the goal and is fighting the good fight. Now it is up to us. Will we sacrificially support him to the finish line or sacrifice the future of our children and their children?

Randall Hamm

I've been saying it for awhile, and I continue to believe it. I think Fred's going to surprise some folks when the chips are counted in Iowa.

Most of Fred Force Iowa has made it back to Texas. Our band of volunteers really had a great time in Iowa helping Fred. I'd like to thank everyone who went on the trip and everyone out there who helped make our trip possible. I'd like to especially thank Nicolee Ambrose, Baxter Lee, Stephanie McNees, Kristen Fuzer and Chris Burger. This trip was a great experience (pictures here, here here and here), and I'd recommend it to anyone who has the time and inclination to be involved. There will be plenty of opportunity to help Fred out in South Carolina over the next two weeks. If you're at all interested, you can contact us through the appropriately-titled "Contact Us" link at the top of the left sidebar. <=====

Thanks again to everyone---and GO FRED GO!!!

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